Tuesday 1 January 2019

Your new Grocery store in Dhanori, Pune

On 01 Jan 2019, the Yunica Retail launched its first offline grocery store in Dhanori area in the city of Pune (Maharashtra, India) offering cereals, lentils, oils, snacksbakery, breads, sausages, dressings, dairy, soups, drinks, etc. products to the local market.

An exterior view of the Yunica Retail's offline store during night and day time is shown below. Typically, our offline retail store opens at 7:00am IST and closes at 10:00pm IST daily. However, we take a short break during afternoon between 2:00pm IST and 5:00pm IST. Currently, we are in the process of increasing our product range by introducing more brands and categories.

Along with a long-range photograph of the Yunica Retail, different interior views of the grocery, cosmetics & hygiene products, and snacks sections are displayed below. Also, there is a dedicated section for soft drinks, juices, mineral water, dairy products, frozen fruits & vegetables, etc. It offers completely self-service retail store experience to end-users.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.