Product's Selection & Placement

The Yunica Retail has very strict quality control procedures and guidelines for selection of products to be sold through our offline stores or online portal or distribution network globally.

We apply a set of business principles, rules, policies, standards, and guidelines for selection of products. Our team looks into the following aspects at least prior to an approval.  
  • Reputation of Brand & Vendor in the target markets
  • Quality Certifications of product by various standard bodies
  • Type of Packaging Material used for mass distribution
  • GS1 compliant unique Bar Code for efficient inventory management
  • Pricing Stability Index of product during past few quarters
  • Vendor's refund policy in case of product return or recall
  • Vendor's product return policy, standard operating procedures
  • Vendor's product recall policy in case of govt. or court order
  • Goods re-packaging policy in case of expiry or damage
  • Goods recycling policy inline with our environment commitments
  • Quality of Service delivered by vendor's Distributor locally
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.