Pune - Maharashtra, India

The Yunica Retail started first wholesale and retail business operations in the Pune city. Initially, we ventured into wholesale, on a trial basis, by selling fruits (e.g. Apple) at a highly discounted price to some local commission agents. After gaining some real experience in the Market Yard, we ventured into retailing specific market trials in the Dhanori area. It helped us get significant understanding and end-to-end view of agricultural goods value chain that would be critical for our strategic roadmap.

We supply a range of agricultural goods (e.g. fruits, vegetables) to the Pune market through dedicated marketing, sales, and distribution channel partners in the Shree Shiva Chhatrapati Market Yard area. We deliver these products either directly in owned retail outlets or through our franchisee network.

Current Weekly Price
(in INR)
Apple3200/- per 28kg carton

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