Digital Content Portfolio

Besides availing wide range of physical goods or services in the domestic and overseas markets, the Yunica Retail has been involved in content designmarketing, sales, and distribution of digital goods available through a distributed trust-enabled shopping cart. The digital content is accessed using Yunica APIs and/or industry standard players depending on the category.

Currently, the following digital content catalog and lines of business (LOB) are available for global delivery. Each catalog showcases a range of pre-designed digital content created by our creative team and available for sale.
One can purchase our digital content online "AS-IS" for licensed use. Alternatively, you can engage one of our content developers to custom design the showcased digital assets according to your specific business requirements. Such a custom developed digital item incurs additional service charges for content design and/or writing.

Our Content Development team has expertise in writing, design, development, and implementation of the most effective communication. We provide 100% original digital content for professional use in your projects.

Our graphic professionals provide user interface (UI) experience design services in the following application software development areas. Our design process starts after you glance through our samples, select a design, and order from the catalog. After making initial deposit, you fill a quick questionnaire for us capture detailed requirements. Please click a link below to proceed, if interested.
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.