Your Account

The Yunica Retail offers multi-channel access to a range of products and/or services using different technology platforms (e.g. mobile applications or web-based software applications or interactive voice response systems) hosted in state-of-the-art hybrid Cloud Computing environment that requires creating and maintaining our subscriber's account information. Such information might be either stored in our systems or traverse through several third-party communication networks. We take all the required measures to prevent an unauthorized access to your information.

You, the subscriber or end-user (e.g. customer or partner or supplier) need to follow strict guidelines to manage your account securely. We take the following steps to keep your data safely.

Data in Transit

The communication network connectivity between the mobile or web or IoT/M2M applications is encrypted using advanced algorithms based on industry standards.

We have implemented required Security monitoring and control mechanisms to alert us early or even block the communication automatically, if an unauthorized access is detected.

Data at Rest

Your account data is completely scrambled into several pieces and encrypted further prior to even storing it on a permanent storage media. It is retrieved quickly using advanced algorithms.

We utilize custom designed storage gateways, whenever your is stored on third-party Cloud Computing infrastructure.

Sensitive Information

We have strict policies not to store any kind of personal online payments related sensitive information in our databases to use it later for any reason whatsoever. All such transactions are handled directly by authorized third-party payment gateways only.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.