Offline Store's - Site Selection

The Yunica Retail has self-owned or franchisee retail outlets across the country. Our offline stores carry the brand name and its reputation that our team strives to build continuously. Therefore, we apply a set of business principles, rules, policies, standards, and guidelines for selection of location or sites with regard to our offline stores.

Our team looks into following aspects at least prior to approval of the site.
  • Demographic Information
  • Ownership of Land or Property
  • Total Area of Property
  • Availability of Parking facilities
  • Working condition of Elevator / Lift
  • Safety Exit in case of emergency
  • Telephone & Internet Connectivity
  • Availability of Power & Water
  • Connectivity with Drainage System
  • Local Routine of Garbage Collection
  • Quick access to Police / Fire / Ambulance
  • Locality threats due to Theft / Goons
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.