Trademarks & Brands

The Yunica Retail owns the following graphic symbols as registered trademark.

It could be described as
  • The word "Yunica Retail" written continuously using English language alphabets
  • The word "Yunica Retail" written in red color
  • The Arial rounded font is used, whose height is 70% of the normal one
For the website, we use the following favicon.ico file licensed by our strategic partner, the Bhojpur Consulting:

In spirit of continuing with the same branding, the trademark could be described as:
  • either in a red square or circle box, and
  • an embedded white coloured "B" like symbol, resembling the English alphabet "B", and
  • the bar vertical bar of "B" is replaced with a plus "+symbol, and
  • the "B" is cut horizontally into two pieces
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.