Alliance Partnerships

The Yunica Retail is primarily focused towards applying state-of-the-art technology products or services hosted on Cloud Service Provider infrastructure to enable Digital Retail ecosystem for business community and offering a global platform as a service delivery model for global supply chain managers. We would like to streamline business processes and establish mutual trust among participating members in the market segments by applying technology.

We have established a strategic partnership with the following companies.
Bhojpur Consulting
A private equity Management Consulting firm specializing in offering Business & IT strategy, architecture & design, planning, complex system integration services to the C-level executives across the globe to enable digital business model.
Gorpa Logistics
A leading digital logistics platform services company catering to the inter-modal transportation, express freight delivery services, and supply chain management across India.
Belaur Properties
Real Estate
A leading real estate and properties platform services company catering to design, development, construction, contracting (e.g. purchasing, leasing, assignment, power of attorney), buying, selling, renting, management, etc. of immovable (e.g. land, facilities) and movable properties both in the rural and urban markets across India.
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.