Vision & Mission

The Yunica Retail strives to engage with consumers in such a manner so that we can offer reliable, consistent, and high quality products, good customer service, establish trust, and add convenience to their lifestyle. Therefore, we have defined a very simple and clear objective as described below.

Our Vision

Thinking beyond financials of business, we encourage the world to become more nature friendly, go green for the benefit of our next generation, and use organically made products as much as possible. We look forward to remain...

"hygienic, affordable, trustworthy"

We believe that any consumer of a product should have access to all the vital information, genuinely original products, and the best-of-nature. By the same token, any grower or farmer or manufacturer must get true value of their hard work in a transparent and timely manner. We hope to streamline the value chain and make it simple for all the key stakeholders.

Our Mission

The company hopes to develop an end-to-end platform and industry ecosystem to deliver
  • farm-to-fork solution for consumers, supply chain managers, etc
  • Apply state-of-the-art Digital Retail technology for the producers
  • Optimise all the routing of products to reduce price for end-users
  • Reduce overall waste of products to be able to offer it more people
  • Implement fully transparent business practices for all stakeholders
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.