Business -to- Business

The Yunica Retail is rapidly building its business -to- business (B2B) service ecosystem by implementing a home-grown technology featuring Cloud-hosted eCommerce marketplace for domestic distributors, wholesalers, super-stockists to be able to trade goods through our straight-through processing platform.

Besides our proprietary mobile-apps and web-based portal services, we offer Yunica B2B APIs, built using SmartContract and BlockChain technology, to establish a trusted relationship between participating business entities irrespective of their geographic location.

Currently, neither we are registered as an authorized "eCommerce Operator" nor we operate any "nodal" account with a banking service provider in a geography. Therefore, we are only building and testing B2B enabling technology platforms or services around it.


Currently, we leverage multi-channel inventory management system to integrate with some market leading eCommerce operator (e.g. Amazon, Etsy) seller platforms for business -to- business (B2B) transactions.


Currently, we leverage some third-party technology platforms (e.g. multi-channel inventoryeCommerce) to enable our business -to- business (B2B) transactions globally.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.