Goods Shipping Policy

The Yunica Retail has invested significantly into hardware and/or software technology components, delivery method development, training of logistics personnel, etc. to create self-managed hyper-local delivery model catering to India's domestic markets; and, we leverage various third-party logistics (3PL) service providers for any international shipping of physical goods.

We apply the following Shipping Policies:


The Yunica Retail's Shop Online operates and delivers at almost all the major locations across India with support from several 3PL service providers. However, we may not be able to deliver at certain locations, due to limitations of our logistics partner. You can learn about serviceability at your specific location by checking your PIN code on the page of product you wish to buy.


In most of the cases, the Yunica Retail provides free delivery service, if the total order value (TOV) is more than INR 1000/-. However, in certain cases, a minimal shipping charges may apply and these would be for you to review during the checkout for purchase.

The shipping charges given in the checkout page are final and doesn’t have any hidden costs or additional charges. The price mentioned on the website is the final, and all taxes are inclusive. It is calculated dynamically based on price feeds from our logistic partners.


For local offline store orders, the Yunica Retail takes only 15 ~ 45 minutes (or <= 4 hours for larger orders) depending on the availability of products and/or items and/or delivery agents, to fulfill physical goods to its destined address. We apply a hyper-local delivery model for order fulfillment. We manage a team of verified delivery personnel, at nearest offline stores, locally in your area.

For online store orders, the Yunica Retail takes approximately around 3~7 days to deliver ordered products, to your preferred location, after you have completed the order. However, in extreme cases, it may take longer to ship the products. In such cases, you will be intimated well in advance about the status of your order.


Once your order is complete, you will receive the order confirmation message through, either Email and/or SMS, on your registered Email ID and phone numbers respectively.

Once your order is processed, you will again be intimated similarly through either Email and/or SMS.

If you have purchased items through our Shop Online, while logged in, you would be able to track the shipment from your account dashboard. However, if you have shopped as a guest user on our Shop Online, you would need to contact us, at our Sales - Shipping Support :
  • by phone number: +91 88301 94278
  • by mailing at:
mentioning your order details. Also, please check at

For any offline store order delivery, you can check at


The Yunica Retail ships order either through self-owned vehicles or reputed courier services or through our aligned partners located near you. Since, our aligned partners are in your locations, the delivery of heavy items becomes even easier and safe. In case of products shipped through courier, you will be getting the details like: Courier Company, Airway Bill Number, etc. so that you can track your consignments at at

If you receive your product in a damaged condition, you are advised not to accept it. In case, there is any other issue with the product and you accept it, please write the suitable remark in the POD ("proof of delivery") document. For more details please check the Returns Policy


The Yunica Retail's Shop Online doesn’t deliver items to international locations at present. However, you can shop from anywhere in the world, while ensuring that shipping location is within India.

The Yunica Retail does have presence in different countries across the globe. Please refer to our global presence section.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.