Distribution Management

The Yunica Retail is engaged in a strategic way with various fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in the domestic market for sales and distribution of their products. We utilize lot of Information Technology platforms to manage day-to-day activities efficiently. For example:
  • Yunica Retail - Distribution
  • Salesforce Automation System (e.g. FieldSense)
  • Order Management System
  • Multi-Channel Inventory System (e.g. Zoho)
  • Shipping Management Platform (e.g. ShipRocket, Delhivery)
  • Geospatial Information System
  • Route Optimization System (e.g. LogVRP)
  • Job Scheduling System
  • Invoicing Management System (e.g. Zoho)
  • Purchase Order System
  • Interactive Voice Response (e.g. Exotel)
We apply a set of business principles, policies, and rules while doing Distribution Management on behalf of our clients.


In order to reduce risks, the following activities are performed before engaging with our clients.
  • Company's Document Verification
  • Financial Health Check of Client
  • Product Portfolio Appraisal
  • Review of Standard Operating Procedure
  • Assessment of potential Business Volume
  • Review of vendor's KPIs / KQIs / SLAs
  • Appraisal of local Sales team & their targets
A formal start of business order is required prior to commencing any work.


The following integration activities are performed after a formal engagement with our B2C clients.
  • Welcome Letter for Distributorship
  • Product & Service Catalog data
  • Billing & Payment processes
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration platform
  • Unified Service Desk system
  • Stock Transfer from previous Distributor
Also, a set of Status Review Meetings are conducted regularly at various levels of hierarchy to appraise existing relationship with B2C clients.

The day-to-day operations are handled by assigned teams for our B2C clients.


The following activities are performed before separation with our clients.
  • Inventory Status Check
  • Billing Status Check
  • Primary & Secondary Credit Check
  • Sampling Items Pending Payments
A formal clearance is required in a written form.


The following activities are performed after separation with our clients.
  • Assets Clearance
  • Inventory Clearance
  • Payments Clearance
  • Sales Clearance Certificate
A full & final settlement clearance is required in a written form.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.