The Yunica Retail has been involved in marketing, sales, and distribution of a variety of fast moving consumer goods (e.g. grocery, household, decor, cosmetics, beauty, fashion, sports, baby, etc.) for the domestic and overseas markets.

We source following fresh agricultural goods (e.g. fruitsvegetables, etc.) directly from the farmers or producer companies spread across India or abroad. Likewise, we source several other semi-processed or processed food products (e.g. picklesjamsjuicesbeverages, etc.) directly from the manufacturers especially in rural areas across India or abroad. Such products are manufactured and quality is controlled based on specifications provided by our experts.
We distribute these goods through importers or exporters or processors or wholesalers or commission agents or retailers within India and overseas markets leveraging a proprietary and unique shipping & logistics methodology.

We design, develop, and implement efficient software algorithms and internet-of-things to minimize overall wastage of harvested products.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.