Billing Document Format

The Yunica Retail has defined well-defined document formats and guidelines with regard to billing & payments business processes or transactions (e.g.  invoicing, credit notes) to be complied by our vendors or suppliers. Please note that defaulters could be black-listed for long period (e.g. 5-years).

To comply with local GST norms, your official bill or tax invoice must contain the following fields at least for us to process the transaction further.
  • Unique Tax Invoice Number
  • Tax Invoice Date
  • Your Address & Contacts details
  • Your firm's GST number
  • Our firm's Name & Address
  • Our GST Number
  • Total of Taxable Amount
  • Total of Central GST Amount
  • Total of State GST Amount
  • Gross Amount
  • Mode of Payment (e.g. Cheque, Cash, etc)
  • Bank Details for Online Payments
  • Payment Terms (e.g. Net30, Net60, etc)
  • Terms & Conditions of transaction
  • Signature of Authorized persons
For each line item in your bill, it must contain the following fields
  • Harmonized System Nomenclature (HSN) or Services Accounting Code (SAC)
  • Item Description
  • Manufacturer's Batch Code
  • Case Quantity (i.e. number of units per Carton)
  • Total Quantity (i.e. number of units supplied)
  • Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
  • Unit Rate or Price
  • Discount Rate, if scheme applied
  • Discount Amount, if scheme applied
  • Taxable Amount
  • Central GST Rate
  • Central GST Amount
  • State GST Rate
  • State GST Amount
  • Cess Rate, if applicable
  • Cess Amount, if applicable
  • Total / Net Amount
Please note that we would not accept delivery of any order, if your documents are found incorrect in terms to format due to any reason whatsoever.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.