Business -to- Consumer

The Yunica Retail is growing rapidly in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market segment through a network of proprietary "mom-n-pops" style or "supermarket" format, offline stores, owned warehousing facilities, and self-managed transport services for physical goods.

We deliver a wide range of physical goods (e.g. clothing, stationery, kitchenware, grocery items), services (e.g. warehousemarketingdistributionfreightexport/importlegalwritingdesign), and digital content (e.g. audio/videomusic) to the consumer market segment at a competitive price with quality assurance.

We have established India's distributed store online for selling physical goods and multiple online digital stores for content (e.g. paintingsmusicaudiovideomemecardslogofontsthemereport) delivery globally. Our online presence is built on a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform leveraging distributed application architecture based on SmartContract and BlockChain technology platform.

Our multi-warehousemulti-channelcentralized inventory management system is pre-integrated with the offline stores and several eCommerce marketplaces to enable us see stock status 24x7 on a real time basis for correct order placement. Our staff has multi-channel access to our integrated inventory portal.

We leverage mobile applications, custom designed, developed, and managed by in-house technology team, who integrate software or hardware systems with our offline stores based on latest digital trends.


Currently, our offline stores are available in very few places only. However, our customers can buy products offered by us through our online portal also. We deliver goods to neighbourhood through own staff and transportation modes only.

Besides selling directly to the retail consumers, we provide sales & distribution services in the general trade (GT) segment through our wholesale business unit. We are engaging with some of the market leading brands or manufacturers for distribution of their goods in the domestic market. In India, we have been authorized to distribute some of the products of the following companies:
Furthermore, we are always looking forward to work with different product manufacturers. Currently, the following Intranet portals are available for the staff members and partners to engage seamlessly.

Currently, our customers can buy products offered by us through our online portal only. With support from market leading logistics companies, we operate in a drop shipping model as well to be able to deliver goods to majority of countries in the world.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.