Franchisee Selection & Onboarding

The Yunica Retail has defined a set of business principles, rules, policies, standards, and certain requirements for engaging with the Franchisee. Our team looks into the following aspects prior to approval.
  • Financial Health of Key Stakeholders
  • Ownership of Land or Property
  • Prior Business Experience

You must have approx. 800 sq. ft. ~1000 sq. ft. area for a small size retail outlet, or approx. 5000 sq. ft. ~ 10,000 sq. ft. area for a medium size retail outlet, or approx. 30,000 sq. ft. ~ 100,000 for a large format retail outlet.

You should have minimum 25 feet running frontage.


You must have approx. INR 20,00,000/- in liquid assets to operate a small size retail outlet in different cities of India. However, the amount differs from one city to the others. Typically, it would be less for remote locations.


We charge the following single-time royalty fees (i.e. non-refundable) for franchisee.
  • initial franchise fee: INR 500,000/-
Additionally, you would pay approximately on a monthly basis
  • ~ 8% royalty fees of your monthly royalty sales
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.