Organisation Structure

Unlike traditional organisational structures that tend to focus more on the personnel management, the Yunica Retail strives to optimize distribution of goods in spatio-temporal domain across the planet. So, we designed a unique architecture to build the company that is sustainable inherently due to its architecture and environment friendly too. We have implemented an optimized multi-layer honeycomb architecture at a broad level across all the lines of business to suit our requirements.

The following concepts lack its physical significance totally. They are only logical in nature in our organisation.
  • Division
  • Department
  • Group

The Yunica Retail implements a containment model of food supply risks across territories covered by leveraging a honeycomb architecture in our retail business operations. Our entire coverage area is divided into independent cells that are related to several neighbouring cells for sharing of resources to achieve cost effectiveness.


The Yunica Retail implements a multi-layer honeycomb architecture to achieve faster fulfilment through our supply chains. We leverage an optimized graph traversal scheme to achieve operational efficiency, but we also have overlays that seem quiet similar to hierarchy.

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