Modern Trade - Competing Approach

The Yunica Retail competes with multi-brand large format retail stores (e.g. DMartFuture RetailShoppers StopStar Bazaar, etc), who promise economy of scale and enhanced operational efficiencies. However, their stores are locate in remote place, where the land is cheaper for warehousing and parking therefore they lack direct and easy access due to remote location. Thence, the concept of free home delivery was born to attract customers into their stores.

Our approach is to apply technology for gaining operational efficiencies instead of compromising on easy access.


Unlike the modern trade that manages multi-brand large stores in few strategic locations to bring out economy of scale for consumers through enhanced operational efficiencies, we are developing a chain of retail outlets that are accessible in your locality. 


Unlike the modern trade that brings out one-stop shop (i.e. multiple brands under single roof), we are selective and keep only fast moving brands in our stores. 


Unlike the modern trade that runs several campaigns over the entire year, we have aligned our campaigns during specific periods depending on the seasonal demands for products.


Like the modern trade that negotiates heavily discounted price with manufacturers based on volume, we also do the same, but the difference lies on geographic spread and logistic factors. 


Like the modern trade that applies a variety of software or hardware to showcase their products, we do apply similar Digital techniques to enhance overall customer experience.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.